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"I masturbate..." Day Twenty-Four
"I masturbate..." Day Twenty-Four
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I masturbate because it feels good. I can be completely selfish with myself and not worry about anyone else. Me time. I strive to improve my orgasms. So don't bother me.

The older I get the fussier I've become. I'd rather spend quality time with myself than attend a social event or keep up appearances. Our society is too aggressive. Someone is always trying to sell me something or influence my mind or change my behavior. I can’t think of a better way to shut out all the noise than to undress and get with it.

Why is masturbation so shameful? I know I have to work through a mountain of shame to get a great orgasm.
Society uses shame to maintain social order and regulate human behavior. The body is diminished. We even treat it with ridicule. I think we’ve gone too far. Isn’t the body supposedly made in God’s image? Does he have a penis? Is he ashamed of his?

When I have an orgasm I feel close to God.