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"I masturbate..." Day Twenty-Nine
"I masturbate..." Day Twenty-Nine
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I masturbate…a lot.

I started masturbating pretty young, but I remember in 3rd grade I discovered the wonder of the showerhead and the following year I decided that it was a good idea to pass this information along to my friend…while we were showering. I was unaware that there was any shame associated with what I was doing until Middle School. This did not stop me, but I became very aware that it was meant to be shameful and became self-conscious about masturbating. When I was introduced to the concept of sex-positivity and began discussing jerking off with my friends in college, the shame disappeared again and I was able to enjoy myself. I love to masturbate, it is something that I do just for myself, although I really enjoying jerking off for a partner. I explore fantasies, I watch porn, but sometimes I’m just watching TV and find my hand wander into my pants. I love my cock and love finding new ways to get myself off.
-- Bean