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"I masturbate..." Day Thirty-One
"I masturbate..." Day Thirty-One
Giclee Print on Moab Photo Matte Paper

I masturbate for thrill, for release, for relaxation, for a hangover cure, for fun, and for art -- and even charity!

As a porn performer and erotic artist, I host a fundraiser called Karma Pervs, where I often masturbate in the images. The set this particular photo Shilo took will be a part of an upcoming fundraiser. Working with my body and collaborating with other artists is deeply rewarding. When so much of my sex is public, I like to keep some activities private -- especially fantasies. But for the Sex Positive Photo project, I can't help but share a little piece of myself and masturbation:

My first memories of masturbation occur in water.
I would recline on my back in the tub, my legs spread under the facet. I used my toes to grip and gently nudge the temperature controls hotter or colder, teasing myself with the threat of scalding kettle water boiling-over, or shocking iceberg freeze. In my fantasies, hot was lava and I'd sink the back of my head underwater letting the rising flow spill into my ear canals and smother me in hot liquid magma while the burning branded my crotch. But cold was worse: it started with me being dragged kicking and screaming outdoors into the yard and sprayed down with a high pressure water hose for being very dirty. And then the fantasy would continue from there to nefarious situations...

One day, when I was in the heyday of my young bath-taking masturbation sessions, my mother accidentally walked in on me! Snapping me out of a dreamily masochistic head space, I shot away from the water faucet and curled my legs together against the side of the tub staring at her in shock. She immediately backed out of the bathroom, apologizing, and later knocked on the door to come in and tell me that what she saw me do was "perfectly normal" -- I didn't have anything to be embarrassed about, and that everybody does it.
And, I think, she reminded me to lock the door.

To this day, I absolutely love masturbating in the bath, though I unfortunately only have a shower at my current residence. I love hard, firm pressure against my pelvis, regardless of temperature. I use strong vibrators like the Hitachi Magic Wand or the portable cousin, the waterproof Mystic Wand (as seen in this photo) in moderation. I use my fingers and try to keep variety. And I almost always come by fantasy.

- Jiz Lee