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"I masturbate..." Day Eight
"I masturbate..." Day Eight
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I masturbate almost daily. Self-love is the most powerful way I give self-care. The orgasm-endorphin rush helps to regulate my moods, it keeps the depression demons away, it mellows out the anxiety monsters. After giving myself an orgasm I feel more centered in my own body, more present in the moment. I am the calm center of the universe, alive with creative energy; I feel life pumping through my veins. I also feel closer to my partner - I feel love for her as I love myself.

For years I used to feel guilt and shame after masturbating; but I would keep doing it, nonetheless. So, naturally I felt weak and depressed that I had this "compulsion". I wondered what was wrong with me. I was caught in a guilt cycle and self-love was more like self-flagellation. It was a confusing time.

Now that I'm older I understand the healing power of masturbating with intent - intent to love, nurture and center myself; intent to put my positive energy into the universe and to receive positive energy back into my being. Intent to know myself better than anyone else; intent to always be there for myself and intent to never be ashamed of my body or the way that I touch and love it. -Shi